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Racist incidents at University of Texas at Austin


In light of recent racist incidents that have occurred in West Campus, students from Huston-Tillotson University, The University of Texas, and residents of the Austin community at large are joining forces to take a stance against these acts of ignorance and hate. There have been several incidents in the West Campus area in the last few weeks, where white students have thrown “bleach bombs” (water balloons filled with bleach) at African American students and their cars in an attempt to intimidate and “white wash” them. 

Other students of color have even been called “dirty n-” while walking to their respective homes in West Campus. These said incidents have been reported to The University of Texas Police Department and University of Texas officials. NO action has been taken to address these issues, until now. We’re calling ALL students, faculty, and staff of Huston-Tillotson and the University of Texas, as well as the entire Austin community to join us in a peaceful demonstration against these incidents and the ignorant culture of hate from which they come.

We will be meeting at the Martin Luther King, Jr. statue on the UT campus at 5:30 PM on Tuesday, October 2, 2012. From there, we will walk  together through the areas of West Campus where the bleach bombs were thrown to represent our solidarity and collective resistance to the hateful acts that have taken place.

 If we continue to over look occurrences such as these, those who carry them out will continue to think that this type of behavior is acceptable, they WILL become more frequent, and you may very well find your own self a victim of such incidents. 

Please forward this message to everyone that you know. For more information,questions and/or concerns, please visit the Facebook event.



Introducing the world's first Coffee Robot Barista - BRiGGO

I have had a wonderful opportunity to work with and for a local Austin start-up company called Briggo. Briggo first opened its beta version for testing exclusively on the University of Texas’ campus. I am honored to work with such a great team of intelligent and inspiring individuals who have given me the chance to learn their business and operate it on a day to day basis. I am truly hoping to grow with this amazing company and one day be able to see Briggo kiosks in every busy corner serving great ORGANIC coffee!! 



Borders Facing Closure


I’m a huge fan of bookstores and it’s too bad that Borders is facing closure, but I couldn’t say I didn’t see this coming. With Amazon selling more ebooks than paper ones these chain bookstores were bound to close. I think the only thing keeping Barnes & Noble open is the popularity of their Nook.

Borders Group Inc., the bankrupt bookstore chain, faces a sale to liquidators after Najafi Cos. declined to bid.

“We will not, reluctantly,” be making a bid, said Chief Executive Officer Jahm Najafi in an e-mail.

Najafi had made an offer that would have kept some of the retailer’s remaining 400 stores open, which Borders wanted to use as the leading bid in a July 19 auction. That fell apart last week after Najafi declined to abandon the option to liquidate stores.

Liquidators led by Hilco Merchant Resources and Gordon Brothers Retail Partners LLC were made the opening bidders for the auction. The deadline for bids passed yesterday without any offers.



I’m not perfect

just because i haven’t blogged in awhile….

My Personality

  • I’m loud
  • I’m obnoxious
  • I’m sarcastic
  • I’m Cocky
  • I cry easily
  • I have a bad temper 
  • for the most part, I don’t like people
  • I’m easy to get along with
  • I have more enemies than friends
  • I’ve Smoked
  • I’ve smoked weed
  • I drink coffee
  • I clean my room daily

My Appearance:

  • I wear makeup 
  • I wear a piece of jewelry at all times
  • I wear contacts
  • I wear glasses
  • I have braces 
  • I change my hair color often
  • I straighten my hair often
  • I have piercings
  • I have small feet


  • I’m in a relationship now
  • I’m single
  • I’m crushing
  • I’m in love
  • I’m always scared of being hurt
  • An ex has physically abused me, at least once
  • I’ve told someone I loved them when I didn’t
  • I’ve told someone I didn’t love them when I did
  • I’ve been in love more than two times
  • I believe in love at first sight


  • I have a bestfriend
  • I have at least ten friends
  • I’ve gotten a phone call in the last 48 hours from a friend
  • I’ve been in a serious fight with a friend
  • I can trust at least five people with my life


  • I’ve been on a plane
  • I’ve been on a train
  • Someone close to me has died
  • I’ve taken a taxi
  • I’ve taken a city bus
  • I’ve taken a school bus
  • I’ve gone bungee jumping
  • I’ve made a speech
  • I’ve been in some sort of club
  • I’ve won an award
  • I’ve spent 24 hours on the computer straight
  • I’ve been in a physical fight


  • I listen to R&B
  • I listen to country
  • I listen to pop
  • I listen to techno
  • I listen to rock
  • Im one of those people who play songs repeatedly until i hate it
  • I hate the radio
  • I buy CDs


  • I spend at least six hours a day watching TV
  • I watch soap operas daily
  • I’m in love with Days of Our Lives
  • I’ve seen and liked the OC
  • I’ve seen and liked One Tree Hill
  • I’ve seen and liked Americas Next Top Model
  • I’ve seen and liked Popular
  • I’ve seen and liked 24
  • I’ve seen and liked CSI
  • I’ve seen and liked Everwood

Family Life:

  • I get along with both of my parents
  • My biological parents are still together
  • I have at least one brother
  • I have at least one sister
  • I have at least one step brother/sister
  • I have at least one half brother/sister
  • I’ve been kicked out of my house
  • I’ve ran away from home
  • I’ve made my parents cry
  • I’ve lied to my parents 
  • I’ve lied to my parents about where I am
  • I’ve lied to my parents about what I’m doing
  • I’ve walked out when I’ve been grounded
  • I don’t live with my parents
  • Parents are screwed up and gone


  • I’ve been brown 
  • I’ve had streaks
  • I’ve cut my hair in the past year
  • I’ve dyed my hair in the past year
  • I’ve been blonde
  • I’ve been red
  • I’ve been light brown
  • I’ve been medium brown
  • I’ve been blue/green 
  • I’ve gotten my hair thinned
  • I use conditioner
  • I’ve used Silk Therapy
  • I’ve used hot oil treatments
  • I’ve curled my hair
  • I’ve straightened my hair
  • I’ve ironed my hair
  • I’ve braided my hair


  • I’ve yelled at a teacher
  • I’ve been suspended
  • I’ve had an in-school suspension
  • I’ve been sent to the principals office
  • I’ve walked out of class
  • I’ve skipped an entire day of school
  • I’ve skipped a whole month of one certain class
  • I’ve failed a test
  • I’ve cheated on a test 
  • I’ve helped someone else cheat on a test
  • I’ve failed art
  • I’ve failed PE
  • I’ve failed math
  • I’ve failed science
  • I’ve failed another class
  • A teacher has called my parents



Album Art
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Old Age, Adolescence, Infancy (The Three Ages)

Old Age, Adolescence, Infancy (The Three Ages)




i’ve been trying to find this thing called peace of mind. 

i don’t have time to write a long entry explaining why i feel this way at the moment. but i can say that there a things in this world that everyone takes for granted. whether its the beauty of the blessings in nature, or the people who make great meaning to your life, we all don’t spend enough time appreciating what makes us. 

so hit the pause button on your exhilarating, busy, young, fast paced life that you are living right now and look around.           breathe.

black kat



the pacific

this is definitely a show worth watching. well, at least if you’re like me, who is a huge fan of World War II movies, loves watching reenactments of the difficult battles that the courageous soldiers of our American country fought, and who enjoys a little blood splatter from here to there. If you’re queezy, easily affected by harsh deaths, or just an all around hypersensitive, this show probably is not for you. But if you are looking for a theatrical acting performance, astonishing direction and production, and an award-winning dramatic screenplay, you’ll surely witness that by watching this 1-hour long series, which is exclusive only to HBO viewers. 

             happy belated Veteran’s day!

black kat



Fail harder